Stable copywriting relationships

G75 Media recently said goodbye to our second-oldest client, after working together for fourteen years. The average British marriage only lasts twelve years, so we’re very proud to have provided our industry-leading copywriting services for so long. This account has also given us unprecedented exposure to the residential property market, allowing us to provide property journalism services across the UK. You can read about our property industry expertise here.

Our client’s new management team undertook cost-cutting measures that meant the budget for G75 Media’s freelance copywriting services no longer existed. However, we’re always looking for ways to optimise value for money on behalf of our clients. We provide detailed quotes for one-off content production jobs, and we won’t charge a penny until work has been completed. Long-term accounts are billed monthly in arrears, at pre-agreed rates.

Whether you’re looking for a single copywriting project or a long-term partnership, G75 Media is here to help – for as long as you need us.

Optimised for success

One of the advantages of being specialists in search engine optimisation (or SEO, as it’s better known) is the ability to ensure your own websites and marketing materials appeal to Google and Bing. That’s exactly what we’ve just done with the new G75 Media website, creating meta descriptions and undertaking SEO research for each page. From now on, this site will appear more prominently in search engine rankings, placing us above less optimised websites from our content production competitors.

SEO requires a precise blend of analytical research and creative copywriting, which is why so many websites fail to achieve optimal positions in search engine results pages. Since we know all about producing effective online content, we’re ideally placed to ensure your own sites rank as highly as possible. Why not get in touch to see how we can help?

New Year, new ambitions

As we begin our tenth year of trading, G75 Media has never been in better shape. A fairly hectic end to 2016 saw us launching this website, which is a huge technical and aesthetic improvement on its 2007-era predecessor. We also ported our email servers across to Google, to minimise those uncomfortable occasions when an email disappears somewhere in cyberspace…

The start of our tenth anniversary year provides a fitting moment to reflect on how far we’ve come. Like many small businesses, we began in a spare room with an antiquated PC and one or two local clients. A decade later, G75 Media has a stable client base throughout the UK, across a number of key industries. We’ve also got significantly better computers!

You can discover elsewhere on this site how we’ve come to specialise in four main areas – property, motoring, technology and travel. Two of these industries were largely alien to us a decade ago, but regular work for IT companies and hotel groups (among many others) has enabled us to become widely-respected content producers for B2B and B2C firms across Britain.

We have ambitions to grow G75 Media even further in the coming years, but we’ll need your help! Visit our Contact Us page to see how we can grow your business, while you help to grow ours…

Something old, something new

As we start the countdown to G75 Media’s tenth anniversary in November, it’s an appropriate time to unveil a brand new website that showcases everything we’ve achieved since 2007. Designed in association with the experts at AIMS Media, this thoroughly modern masterpiece is packed with useful information about who we are and what we do. Industry-specific pages outline our expertise in property writing and motoring journalism, as well as demonstrating our peerless track record of supporting technology and travel clients throughout the UK – and beyond.

We’ve taken this opportunity to show off some of our recent editorial projects, and you can even learn about our former copywriting clients for the first time. We’re keen to celebrate the global brands and blue-chip companies we’ve assisted with content production in the past, while protecting the confidentiality of our existing client base. A number of these working relationships date back to G75 Media’s launch almost a decade ago, and we’re rightly proud of the partnerships that we continue to develop and strengthen on a daily basis.

Let us know your thoughts about the new G75 Media site, via our Contact page. We’d love to hear from you.