Condensing complex topics into concise and entertaining features is a hallmark of G75 Media’s work with technology and digital media clients. Capitalising on decades of programming and networking knowhow, our technology journalism and copywriting services have been called upon by telecommunications companies, technology review platforms and cloud computing specialists in the UK and also across America. Alongside conventional print and online content, we can also produce bespoke marketing materials like Oktoposts and Prezis.

G75 Media can produce technology writing for IT firms, web hosting companies, digital startups and SEO agencies

Neil is a leading tech blogger, specialising in websites and cloud services, and benefiting from a lifetime’s expertise in the related field of automotive technology. As a frequent commentator on consumer electronics and tech-based startups, Neil’s peerless knowledge of mobile communications and ecommerce is showcased in weekly technology journalism for IT companies and cloud-hosting brands. Our published article portfolio includes a feature on the legal status of drones and a beginner’s guide to podcasting, plus technology journalism carried out for an academic computing course provider.

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