Stable copywriting relationships

G75 Media recently said goodbye to our second-oldest client, after working together for fourteen years. The average British marriage only lasts twelve years, so we’re very proud to have provided our industry-leading copywriting services for so long. This account has also given us unprecedented exposure to the residential property market, allowing us to provide property journalism services across the UK. You can read about our property industry expertise here.

Our client’s new management team undertook cost-cutting measures that meant the budget for G75 Media’s freelance copywriting services no longer existed. However, we’re always looking for ways to optimise value for money on behalf of our clients. We provide detailed quotes for one-off content production jobs, and we won’t charge a penny until work has been completed. Long-term accounts are billed monthly in arrears, at pre-agreed rates.

Whether you’re looking for a single copywriting project or a long-term partnership, G75 Media is here to help – for as long as you need us.