Over the last ten years, we’ve produced some groundbreaking content for our clients.

Great content deserves celebrating. On this page, you’ll find a selection of published projects from our extensive portfolio, ranging from opinion pieces and advertorial content to technical writing and product reviews. The diversity of these features reflects the numerous industries G75 Media covers, and the different types of material we can create on your behalf.


  • Property journalism, property writing

    Six-page property investment guide

  • Travel writing, travel journalism

    Feature in European travel mag

  • Technology writing, freelance tech blogger

    Legal piece on commercial drones

  • Food journalism, food critic

    2016 BBC Good Food Show review

  • football writing, football journalism

    Opinion piece in football magazine

  • Freelance technology writing, freelance tech blogger

    Beginner's guide to podcasting

  • Freelance property journalism, property writing

    Detailed profile of iconic museum

  • Educational writing, freelance academic writing

    Adobe AE course guide for students

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